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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the El Paso Corruption Archive, a project whose goal is to document, through an online collaborative encyclopedia, the individuals and organizations that have betrayed the public trust of El Paso, Texas. This project is a political corruption knowledge archive.

The El Paso Corruption Archive is an encyclopedia built with Media wiki technology as a vehicle to document political corruption in El Paso, Texas. It is a collaborative project, begun offline in 2008 and converted to an online Wiki project on July 2012 by Martín Paredes

What you will find here

The El Paso Corruption Archive actively maintains an archive of individuals and organizations that have been indicted, prosecuted, fined or jailed for public corruption, or moral turpitude in the city of El Paso. Individuals or organizations who are alleged to be involved in any wrongdoing are not included unless a competent judicial body has begun or concluded a formal inquiry.

What you will not find here

Every community has background noise of ongoing corruption within all levels of government. El Paso is no different. Labeling an individual or an organization corrupt does not necessarily make them corrupt. It is easy to throw around the label of corruption to further agendas. We do not want the El Paso Corruption Archive to become a vehicle to serve personal vendettas or to further agendas. We want the El Paso Corruption Archive to shine a light on corruption.

In order to be as open as possible and in order to encourage participation without agendas the El Paso Corruption Archive is open for anyone to add, update and correct content, but with limits.

Content Policy

The only content you may add to the site is:

1. An individual who has been indicted, convicted or has pled guilty to a charge involving government or taxpayer malfeasance.

2. An individual directly associated in the crime alleged or convicted along with the individual above, and has been publicly named in court documents.

3. An organization or company directly linked, or associated to any individual named above.

4. A government entity that was part of, or victimized by the allegations or pleadings of the individuals, or entities above.

5. The individual and organization dossiers may contain only factual and documented information.

Get more information by visiting the FAQ page.

What can you do?

As a collaborative you are not only welcomed to read but are encouraged to contribute by adding, updating or correcting the body of work. The project is for the benefit of the citizens of El Paso and your active participation only makes it more beneficial.

In order to avoid spambots and other malicious activity you must register with a valid email address in order to contribute or make changes. Please send an email to news[at]elpasonewsinc.com (replace the [at] with the appropriate symbol, it is added to deter spam bots) with your request to participate. Please provide a valid email address, a telephone number to verify your request and your full name.