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Frequently Asked Questions

I know where there is corruption, why can’t I add it here? Isn’t this supposed to be a place to expose corruption? I know someone is corrupt, why aren’t they on here?

Knowing or alleging corruption is driven by many reasons, including, but not limited to promoting an agenda or as part of a personal vendetta. The El Paso Corruption Archive neither has the resources to verify each case of alleged corruption nor does the El Paso Corruption Archive want to become mired in personal agendas. In order to avoid these issues and in order to remain focused on the object of the project, we are only adding individuals and entities that have been indicted, prosecuted or pled guilty to any crime involving public monies or government malfeasance in El Paso County and immediate vicinity. The founder of this project is working on creating other vehicles where allegations of corruption can be made anonymously. More information will become available at a later date.

But more importantly, if you are aware of a crime, then you have a duty to report it to the appropriate authorities. This is especially true of crimes involving taxpayer monies. It takes courage to come forward and the truth is that government has no interest in making the process easy. But democracy is founded on citizen participation and you have a duty to defend it. Report crimes to the appropriate authorities, all of them, until one of them properly investigates your allegations.

I was found “not guilty” yet I’m still listed here. How do I get removed?

Unless your case is directly connected to another case within this site and you have been found “not guilty” by a court of law, you may remove your information from the site. Just click “edit” on the page your information appears. You must register first with a valid email address. To avoid your information being reverted back you must cite, under the discussion tab on the page the appropriate location as to where we can find the outcome of your specific case. If the documentation you provide does not indicate a “not guilty” verdict involving all charges, or if your case is directly tied to another case herein that is still being prosecuted or has a guilty, or someone pleaded guilty to the charges that is directly linked to you in the formal court documents then your information will be reverted back.

What about “innocent until proven guilty”? I’m just charged and I have not had my day in court. Why am I listed here?

As outlined above, the content is driven by individuals charged, indicted, convicted or have pled guilty to malfeasance involving government or taxpayer funds. Your information is here because it fits one of those parameters.